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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a manufactured post that is designed to create a stable foundation for a natural looking tooth restoration. Placed directly into the jawbone, a dental implant is the closest thing to your natural tooth.

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Considering dental implants in Knoxville? Choose an area below to locate a Knoxville dental implant dentist. Dental Implants are the modern day solution to missing teeth. They are very strong because of the method of placement. There is no problem with slippage, which means that you can eat and speak with comfort and confidence. Looking at a smile with dental implants is like looking at a smile with natural teeth.

Featured Dental Implant Dentists

Dental Implant Dentists

Shanks Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
1511 East Lamar Alexander Parkway , Maryville - TN 37804
Phone: (865) 977-8048

Shanks Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
241 North Peters Road , Knoxville - TN 37923
Phone: (865) 531-5995

130 Mabry Hood Road, Suite 105 , Knoxville - TN 37922
Phone: (865) 693-4442

1858 Crest Road , Maryville - TN 37804
Phone: (865) 977-7110

Southeast Oral Surgery & Implant Center
7761 Dannaher Dr , Powell - TN 37849
Phone: (865) 947-9800

Danny Adkins DDS
1301 Old Weisgarber Rd,Knoxville - TN 37909

Jack Towler Bauguss DDS
6311 Kingston Pike # 6W,Knoxville - TN 37919

C Edward Brooks DDS
11226 W Point Dr Suite B,Knoxville - TN 37922

Robert C Cain DDS
150 E Division Rd # 7,Oak Ridge - TN 37830

Ted George DDS
939 Emerald Ave Suite 501,Knoxville - TN 37917

Jack Gotcher DDS
1928 Alcoa Hwy Suite 305,Knoxville - TN 37920

Dwayne Gross DDS
2008 Chilhowee Medical Pk,Maryville - TN 37804

William High DDS
248 N Peters Rd,Knoxville - TN 37923

Lee Ann Hovious DDS
10265 Kingston Pike # B,Knoxville - TN 37922

John Hudson DDS
1930 Alcoa Hwy # 335,Knoxville - TN 37920

Brett Jaffrey DDS
420 Laboratory Rd,Oak Ridge - TN 37830

J David Johnson DDS
420 Laboratory Rd,Oak Ridge - TN 37830

121 SUBURBAN ROAD, BUILDING A, 201,Knoxville - TN 37923

Robert Jordan DDS
109 Northshore Dr # 404,Knoxville - TN 37919

Ronald L Kilgore DDS
8912 Town And Country Cir,Knoxville - TN 37923

James H Mann DDS
2008 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy,Maryville - TN 37804

Timothy Mc Connell DDS
1127 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy,Maryville - TN 37804

J Michael Mc Coy DDS
1928 Alcoa Hwy # 305,Knoxville - TN 37920

Daniel Read DDS
111 Fox Rd Suite B,Knoxville - TN 37922

J Benjamin Rivers DDS
6906 Kingston Pike # 205,Knoxville - TN 37919

William E Rogers DDS
140 Market Place Blvd #E,Knoxville - TN 37922

John D Sterrett DDS
1121 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy,Maryville - TN 37804

Thomas Whittaker DDS
939 E Emerald Ave # 501,Knoxville - TN 37917

Travis Witherington DDS
420 Laboratory Rd,Oak Ridge - TN 37830

Wayne Witt DDS
2008 Chilhowee Medical,Maryville - TN 37804

Michael Wooten DDS
6207 Highland Place Way # 207,Knoxville - TN 37919

FAQ: About Dental Implants

The following articles will help you become better acquainted with dental implants and the technology behind them.

Why Replace Missing Teeth

There are more reasons to replace your missing teeth than a gap in your smile. The following article discusses the health related issues involved with having one or more teeth missing.

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Options for Missing Teeth

Dental Implants are the modern day solution to missing teeth. Dentures have progressed a long way since ivory prosthetics, but many people with missing teeth are still looking for a better solution. Review the differences between dental implant supported prosthetics and traditional dentures.

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The Implant Dentist

Who places the dental implant? Meet the team of dentists and specialists that work together to improve your dental health. Learn more about the roles that each physician plays in the placement of your dental implants.

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Knoxville Region Dental Implant Dentist Directory