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Each month, over 130,000 searches for "dental implants" are performed online. Interest in dental implant placement has doubled over the past year. As people become more comfortable using technology, the Internet is one of the first places that many people use as a research tool. This interest will only grow over time, as more potential patients look for information and doctors online.

Most patients are not aware of dental implant options nor do they understand the dramatic life style improvements when dental implants are placed. Dental implants must be treated with a stronger marketing focus in order to appropriately inform the patient about their treatment options. New methods of promotion must be considered. focuses on directly educating the community and helping patients find a dental implant surgeon closest to the patient.

Increase Dental Implant Consultations

Would you like to increase the number of dental implant cases in your practice? Would you like to increase your dental implant case acceptance? PBHS offers a wide range of dental implant marketing solutions designed to raise the number of implant dentistry cases you handle.

Jump start your online promotion now by signing up for a listing in

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  • Overview - introduction to the types of listings available
  • Pricing - listing and sponsored ad feature list
  • FAQ - questions and answers

Jump start your online promotion now by signing up for a listing in

Other Programs for Dental Implant Marketing

In addition to listing your practice in, there are many ways to combine your online and offline marketing strategies. Learn more about how you can increase your profit margins with cross-marketing:

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