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About Dental Implant Online Listings

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About Dental Implant Online Listings

How much does it cost to list my practice?

Basic Listings for every implant practice are free. However, should you desire a more prominent listing on your City page, please visit our Pricing page.

How long will my listing stay up?

Basic Listings do not expire. However, if you've purchased a Standard, Enhanced, or Premier Listing, the terms are for one year. Your listing will keep it's placement for the duration of the year, and automatically renew 1 month prior to the end of the term. Should you decide to cancel your paid listing, you must notify (link) within 1 month of expiration. Your listing will revert to the Basic Listing section.

Can I list all my practice locations?

Your practice may list multiple locations, provided there is an active phone number as well as the ability for patients to schedule appointments at each additional location.

Where will my listing appear?

Your listing will appear on a City page in a hierarchical fashion:

  1. Premier Listings (listed by sign-up date in the Featured Implant Dentists section)
  2. Enhanced Listings (listed by sign-up date in the Featured Implant Dentists section)
  3. Standard Listings (listed by sign-up date in the Implant Dentists section)
  4. Basic Listings (listed alphabetically in the Implant Dentists section)

In addition to a listing on a city page, the Premier Listings are also given a rotating entry on the homepage.

How do I make my listing appear higher on the page?

For practices that desire a more prominent listing, it is recommended that you purchase a listing position of Standard, Enhanced, or Premier. These paid areas are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I add my listing to region or metropolitan area?

If your practice is located in a City which is a suburb of a Region or Metropolitan area, your listing will automatically receive an additional entry in the relevant location.

About Sponsored Advertisements

How much does it cost to sponsor my practice?

Sponsored Advertisements are available to your practice for the City, County, and State in which your practice is located. For pricing information, see our Pricing page.

How long will my sponsored advertisement stay up?

The term of agreement for Sponsored Advertisements is one year, provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I sponsor my practice for the cities surrounding my location?

Each practice location can only appear in city for which it is located. However, you may purchase a County or State listing provided you are located in the County or State in question.

Where will my ads appear?

Each listing page has a column of 6 Sponsored Advertisements, arranged by the date of signup. Your Sponsored Advertisement will appear after the last ad on the list.

How do I make my ad appear higher on the page?

Should a listing above yours reach the end of term contract without renewing, your ad will move up into the next higher place.

What if all 6 advertising positions are taken?

There will be a wait list offered should any of the advertisers cancel their listings. Should you desire to be on the wait list, you may place a one month deposit on the position, to be charged in full and activated once the position becomes available.

Are there any limitations on sponsored ads?

You must have at least a Standard Listing in the directory in order to be eligible for Sponsored Advertising. You may purchase one Sponsored Advertisement per area in which your practice has a location. Example: a practice has two locations, one in Napa County and one in Marin County, California. This practice may purchase two City Advertisements, two County Advertisements, and one State Advertisement, or any combination of the above.

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