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Demographic Direct Mail

PBHS makes conducting a direct mail campaign easy. Based on the population of your surrounding area, you may choose the number of mailers sent out on a quarterly basis (minimum 3000). Recipients are selected by demographic constraints, including age and household income. PBHS manages all fulfillment for each quarterly campaign. You may choose the option of creating a powerful marketing mix by supporting the quarterly mail campaign with media such as magazine, newspaper, television and radio advertisements produced by PBHS. The theme of each advertisement is consistent with its respective mailer.

Personalized Practice Newsletter

Imagine a personalized newsletter to send to your referring doctors is a positive, repetitive, and consistent means of reinforcing your referral relationships. It is unlikely that you actually have the time to sit down and create a monthly newsletter. And, if you have ever tried, you've probably found that your referring doctors lose interest in a newsletter based solely on clinical case studies.

PBHS has taken a more unique approach to Referral Based Newsletter marketing. The PBHS Personalized Practice Newsletter contains informative articles submitted by well known consultants, including Excellence in Dentistry, the publishers of The Profitable Dentist. These articles are designed to help your referring doctors become more successful!

Custom Web Site Design

PBHS produces customized, high impact, interactive websites that utilize the latest in web technology for a more comprehensive online experience. Preparations prior to surgery, procedures, risk and recommended post-operative care are clearly articulated, complete with audio, video, animations and case studies. Rather than reading this information only in your office, patients can review it as often as they like at home by visiting your web site.

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